Poetry in Translation

I Just Wish To Be Close

Perempuan Merenung

Poem of Sulaiman Djaya

I believe in something, whose splendor
resembles it to a reflection of light
on the water. And boundaries
have teased me no longer.

I only wish to be close to everything
that refuses to greet me. I only wish
to get intimate and get used
to the gloom and to the bright

without any suspicion or fear of betrayal
that comes as I am defenseless.
And I do not wish to do something
without wanting to do it at once.

I only wish to understand everything
and to be there, when my eyes are asleep
yet they’re gazing at the long
and slow moving sound and motion.

–Transl. from Indonesian by Nikmah Sarjono 

I Just Wish To Be Close by Sulaiman Djaya